Baby bath time gear made easy!

baby bath time towel

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There’s a lot to bath time! It can be a wonderful sensory experience for babies. Plus, they can feel us taking care of their little bodies– making sure they are clean and cared for. This list contains everything you need for a successful baby bath time at home.

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Best baby bath tub

This Fisher-Price tub was leaps and bounds better than the other ones I tried! Check out my comprehensive review here.

Best bath time accessories

baby bath time towel
Baby towels sure are cute for photo ops.

These are soft, machine washable and dryable, and can be used for many years.

This soap was really wonderful on my son’s sensitive baby skin. We still use it to this day! 

I did get one adorable baby hooded elephant towel because it was so gosh darn cute. But I opted to get whole set of new, soft regular sized towels instead of multiple specific “baby towels.” That way, the whole family could use them indefinitely.

Our towels were on the old and ratty side, so an upgrade was great for us parents, too!

Best baby bath time scalp & nail care


After bath time is the perfect time for hair and nail care. These were my post-bath time routine essentials.

This worked like a charm for my son’s cradle cap and it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. When their cradle cap starts to flake, put this on daily and then comb it out with a fine tooth hair comb.

Electric nail trimmers essentially allow you to file your baby’s nails. I used this for a while before I was comfortable using clippers.

Cutting a newborn’s nails is terrifying. But, they grow really fast so you’ve gotta do it. Good news is, once you do it, it’s really not so scary anymore. These nail clippers are smaller and easier to hold than the adult ones, leaving less room for error.

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