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Bath time is so adorable– bubbles and cute hooded towels. But, for me, it was also a bit scary at first– I felt a little out of my element during those newborn days. When I put Eddie in the first tub I bought, the sling wouldn’t hold him right and he slid to the bottom right away. That only added to my stress! After much trial and error (including three trips to the store and multiple Amazon orders), we found the best baby bath tub on the market. Once we found the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub, it was smooth sailing.

And the winner is...

We used this tub from when my son was a newborn until he was big enough to use our regular tub on his own. The sling in this one was the best we found– it did a great job holding him in place during bath time so he wasn’t slipping down when he had very little body control. Plus, it had great accessories, and was easy to clean and store

Why this is the best baby bath tub

When my son was a newborn, neither of us liked bath time. He cried the whole time, and I was nervous. But, we soon grew to love bath time– once I found my groove, we did it almost every day. It was a great sensory experience for my son, and gave us something to do when we were at home all day. I found great bath time supplies, and settled into a great bath time routine. It gave me confidence as a mom– knowing that I could conquer something that I had been so nervous about.

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