Which baby carrier changed my life–and why!

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Hands down, my baby carrier was the best investment I made as a new mom. During witching hour, I’d strap my son in and it would calm us both down. When he needed a nap and wouldn’t sleep, he’d fall asleep within minutes. When I was traveling or even just out at the store, it allowed me to be hands free. My baby carriers were my saving grace. I decided to invest in a Tula and Ergo carrier so that I wouldn’t run into issues with hip dysplasia. They were the best baby carriers for my family– I used them regularly until my son outgrew them and I transitioned to a toddler carrier.

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Soft structured baby carriers (SCCs)

First things first.

There are many types of baby carriers– from wraps to structured carriers to ring slings, and more. The most common (and for many the easiest to use) are soft structured carriers

SCCs are great because they are easy to pop the baby in and out of, and they have a pocket to hold your phone. You can use them right away- there’s no learning curve. Just buckle and go. They’ve also got a sunshade you can use to cover up your baby’s head if they fall asleep or if it’s warm and sunny out.

There are many brands on the market– the Tula and Ergo worked wonders for my family!

baby carrying dad in fall
Baby carriers are wonderful tools to promote bonding with daddy!

Soft-structured carrier pro/con



The days are long, but the years are short.

Gretchen Rubin

What brand is the best baby carrier for me?

I highly recommend the Tula and Ergo carriers.

Tula carrier pro/con



The Tula was my favorite SCC. They’re adorable, and it was very comfortable on my small-ish frame. They have an infant insert you can purchase separately so you can start using it when your baby is between 7 and 15 pounds (before they’re big enough to fit in this carrier without it).

When my son was a newborn, they didn’t have the carriers that were made to carry newborns– we had to use the infant inserts. Now, however, they also have one called Free to Grow, which you can use for babies 7-45 pounds without an infant insert.

Ergo carrier pro/con



We also had an original Ergobaby with an infant insert that my husband  used. He’s taller than I am and found that one more comfortable. They also now have one called the Omni 360 that doesn’t need an infant insert.​ The Omni can also be used for forward facing carrying. Plus, it’s made of mesh, which can help ventilate out that body heat a bit better.

What about less expensive options, such as Infantino or Moby wraps?

I don’t recommend buying an Infantino carrier. They are not made with the correct ergonomic position in mind, so they do not provide hip support to babies, which puts them at risk for hip dysplasia. If you notice, Ergo and Tula do have front-facing options available, but when the babies are in those, their hips are fully supported in the “M” position, which supports healthy growth.

Check out my comprehensive post on buying a high quality baby carrier here for more information!

best baby carrier
Baby carriers can help you carry your kid AND your bags!

Mom Hack

Baby wearing accessories can help Level Up your baby wearing! Check out which ones could be your new favorites here.

Best of luck to you in your baby wearing adventures! I continue to wear my almost 3 year old son in an SCC and I plan to continue to wear him until my back can’t take it anymore… I love those baby-carrying snuggles!

Check out my comprehensive post on buying a high quality baby carrier here for more information!

You are wonderful, mama.

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