Best baby high chair

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Joining you at the table is an big milestone for babies! It’s one of the first milestones where they go from being dependent on parents and caregivers for food, and transition towards independent eating. When your little one starts eating solids, a high-chair will likely become your newest piece of furniture. I scoured the internet for the best baby high chair– and I found one that I absolutely loved.

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And the winner for best baby high chair is...

best baby high chair
The clear top tray of his high chair pops right off for easy cleaning.

I read many many high chair reviews before settling on this one. In the end, the Joovy Nook high chair was an essential for our Baby Led Weaning journey.

Why I love the Joovy Nook High Chair

The features of this high chair, explained

Easy to clean. Believe it or not, some high chairs are hard to clean.Not this one!

The tray and tray attachment piece are completely removable and dishwasher safe.

It also has a second clear piece on top of the tray that snaps off, so you can just wash that instead of the entire thing each meal. Every little bit to help decrease cleaning time is a win for me.

The cover is easy to wipe off and can be machine washed (but needs to hang dry).

Fold-able & portable. This is one of the most compact free-standing high chairs I could find. We lived in a small apartment when we were doing Baby Led weaning, and I wanted the option to put it away if I needed to. Even if you’re living in a bigger place– sometimes, you just don’t or need your high chair out. It’s nice to be able to throw this one in a closet.

It also makes it really easy to store long term.

Plus, it’s portable– I would throw this in the car and bring it to grandparents’ houses. I even brought it camping with us!

Got a one-hand operated tray. Another feature that I didn’t realize would be so useful was the  one-hand operated tray — this means that you can open and close the tray with one hand. This is really useful if you’re holding a baby (which you always are). Some require two hands to snap on and off the tray and its very inconvenient in my experience.

5-point safety harness. Unlike other models on the market, this seat has a 5 point harness– so the straps go over the baby’s shoulders and around their waists. My son was a wiggly worm, and I was worried about him wiggling his way out of the seat with just a waist strap (3-point harness) on. With this high chair, I didn’t have that concern.

Best accessory for your baby high chair

You may want to pick up a splat mat or two– you can throw these under your high chair to keep your floors cleaner. Once your kiddo has outgrown the high chair, you can use them for arts and crafts mats or picnic blankets.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl

To read all about the other products that can make dining with a baby easy (or easier, at least), check out everything else you need here.

You are awesome !

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