The Best Food Steamer for your needs, 2020 edition

best food steamer for vegetables

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Healthy meal time made easy? Yes, please. I am always looking for ways to increase the amount of veggies in our diet. After all, vegetables are shown to help decrease risks of stroke, heart disease, and cancer. Plus, I always want to cut down on the amount of time I spend cooking. Enter: my steamer. It’s made my life easier. When I began doing Baby Led Weaning with my son, I discovered that I could use a steamer to quickly prepare vegetables. I also learned that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention “recommends steaming vegetables to make the most of their health benefits while preserving their low calorie and fat content.” You can also use them to prepare eggs, meat, fish, and rice! These are the best food steamers I found.

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Why I use a food steamer instead of an Instapot or Pressure Cooker XL

I was using a Pressure Cooker XL when I started doing Baby Led Weaning. It is very similar to the Instapot– it cooks food by pressuring. It was much faster than my steamer and made delicious food. BUT, a year or so after I began using it, it malfunctioned. Pressurized steam poured out of it without warning. If my son or I had been standing next to it, I have no doubt that we could have needed to go to the emergency room.

Luckily, we weren’t standing next to it when that happened. But, I got rid of it and won’t be getting another one.

I replaced it with an Aroma cooker. It takes longer to steam veggies and meat, but it has a lot of the same functions. I feel more comfortable knowing it won’t malfunction in the same way as my pressure cooker did.

Keep reading to find out the best food steamer for your household.

Best affordable food steamer

The Rosewill Electric Food Steamer has three tiers– so you can cook 3 types of food at once! Reviews rave that it’s an affordable baseline steamer.



My heart sings when my family says yumm...veggies !

Mom Hack

You can blend steamed veggies in a Nutribullet to make puree!

Best stainless steel food steamer

This stainless steamer is very snazzy. Reviews rave that the baskets are more durable than the ones on plastic steamers. Plus, it’s easy to clean and easy to use.



Mom Hack

Use a vinegar/water mixture to clean off build-off!

Most comprehensive food steamer

If you’re looking for a device with more functions, the Aroma Housewears Food Steamer & Rice Cooker could be for you. This device has functions for steaming, cooking rice, and making oatmeal and soup. Plus, it has a delay timer and a keep-warm function. Keep in mind it does have a much smaller steaming basket than the dedicated steamers. But for some, the other features could make this the best option.



With an Aroma cooker, you can make soup as well as pot roast and rice!
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