Best non-baby gifts for parents (that they actually want!)

Your loved ones will feel extra special as they returns home from the hospital with their bundle of joy and finds a non-baby gift waiting just for them. Babies get showered with a lot of love as they enter the world– as they should. But what a gift to be able to fuss over mama and papa, too (no pun intended). Below find the best non-baby gifts for new parents.

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Gifts that’ll keep new parents comfy

After delivery, mom will need to stay comfy during those first days and long nights at home.  When purchasing, I recommend sizing up quite a bit. I usually wear a small or medium, but I opted for an XL one right after I had my son and it was great for my postpartum days. 

These can help keep their toes warm and comfy.

After I delivered, I loved to wear loose-fitting, soft clothing. A Mom Jean Magic long sleeve tshirt or sweatshirt could bring a smile to your favorite new mom.

mom jean magic gear
This loose-fitting shirt is comfy and lightweight. Plus, it'll remind her of her new superpower: being a Mom.

Gifts that’ll help new parents catch some ZZZs

Sleep is the #1 most wanted commodity for new parents. These gifts can help make their little bit of sleep feel even sweeter than it already does.

This is a gift new parents can use every day. Experts recommend replacing your pillow every 1-2 years, and chances are new parents won’t have time or energy to think about their own pillows for a while. You can treat them to a new one.

Spruce up their sleep space with these anti-wrinkle sheets. They come in a variety of colors.

New parents don’t get a lot of shut eye, but they may be able to sneak some in during daylight hours. This will help that little bit of shut eye feel more restful. My dad got me these years ago, and I can tell you from experience that they block out all of the light. They’re also contoured over the eye area and they have an adjustable strap, so they are very comfortable to wear.

New parents may spend a lot of time at home new pajamas can be the perfect gift. I like these because they are are a relaxed fit and have a drawstring.

This pair for women has buttons, so they can be perfect for moms who are breastfeeding, moms who aren’t, or moms who are doing a little of both.

If you’re shopping for a guy turned dad, these could be perfect for them. They’re made from breathable cotton, and available in a set with shorts or pants.

Fill their plates and cups (food and beverage cups for new parents)

New parents are up all hours of the day…and don’t have a lot of time to prep snacks or meals. These gifts could take a load off their back and get you some well-deserved brownie points simultaneously.

This thermos checks all of the “new parent” boxes: it’s got a leak-proof lid, is dishwasher safe, and will keep drinks cold or hot for 7 hours. Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

If you are shopping for a super coffee fan, this thermos could give them a smile. It’s got all of the qualities of the previous, plus it’s gigantic (it holds 20 oz).


When you’ve got a new baby at home, you don’t have time or energy to cook. Sending new parents an Uber Eats or Grub Hub Gift card can be a lifesaver– that way they can order what they wants, when they want it. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also drop off homemade meals. Be sure to bring them in disposable containers— that way, she doesn’t have to worry about washing it and getting it back to you. 

Let’s be real– chocolate covered anything will be just what the doctor ordered. These are perfect for late night munching.

New moms need to stay hydrated as they are recovering from giving birth, and this will go a long way to help them stay healthy. This cup is dishwasher safe, doesn’t sweat, and won’t leak if it tips over (if the top lid is closed). It is perfect for hot or cold drinks!

With Amazon Fresh, you can have fresh groceries delivered! If you’re living in a different town as your new parent friends and can’t bring food over yourself, this could be a wonderful way to stuff their cupboards with their favorites.

Tech new parents are sure to love

This is the gift that keeps on giving— a membership to Amazon Prime. I used this multiple times daily when I was a new mom. Truly a lifesaver.

With this, parents can play music, check the weather, or control her smart home devices without lifting a finger.

During those newborn days, parents may need to watch a lot of TV to stay awake while feeding the baby. This can give them access to many different streaming networks with one controller. Added bonus? The Fire Stick can be controlled with the Amazon Echo.

Smart Watch

With a snazzy new smart watch, your friend-turned-parent can stay connected to friends and family as they jump in to their new life. They’ll be able to read text messages coming in, answer calls, find their phone when it’s missing (again), and more.

The Series 5 Apple watch is many gifts in one. When a new parent has got this on, they won’t need to be searching for their phone (she can make and answer calls directly through the watch) or her wallet (it has Apple Pay!). She’ll have everything she’ll need right on her wrist.

The FitBit Versa 2 is another great option. It’s half the cost of the Apple Watch, but liked for it’s similar features– such as music streaming and activity trackers. It syncs with Amazon’s Echo, so it can be used to control music and the TV as well!

The postpartum period is often called “the fourth trimester” because there are still so many incredible changes happening every single day. It’s an intense time, and new parents can certainly use an extra bit of love during their transformation. They’re completely focused on their newest addition that they have little bandwidth to spend on themselves. These gifts are sure to serve as a reminder that you love them, you see them, and you have their back in this new chapter.

Have another gift that was a hit for new parents? Comment below and share what it was!

And, if you want to pick up something for the baby, too, check out these newborn toys and devices that promote healthy development.

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