The best scooter for kids (and adults!)

two kids on scooters
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Scooters are tons of fun. They allow kids to play outside, move their bodies, and soak in vitamin D. There are a ton of scooters on the market, and a lot to consider when choosing the right one for your family. Not sure where to start? Keep reading to find the best scooter for kids, no matter what your needs are.

Table of Contents

TL;DR, Best scooter for kids (by age group!)

Best for

8+ year olds
Lascoota Scooter

Best for

5-8 year olds
Razor A3 Kick Scooter


motorized scooter
SEGWAY Ninebot eKickScooter

Best scooter for kids under 8 years old

Scooters for children under 8 years old or so are lighter and smaller, helping smaller bodies master them. Children as young as 2 or 3 can quickly master a scooter, if they have the right one.

The models made for younger children have less “bells and whistles” than their larger counterparts, such as kick stands. This makes them easier for their riders to manage– they’re made to be ridden and then hopped off.

Most affordable, entry-level scooter

  • Recommended ages:  5+
  • Weight limit: 143 lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This lightweight scooter is a great entry-level ones for kids who are over 5 years old and ready for a two-wheeled scooter.
  • What you need to know: Razor has many scooters on the market, and this one is the most affordable. It has smaller wheels than some other models, and doesn’t have some of the other features you’ll find in other, more expensive models. But it is a solid choice for a first two-wheeled one.



Best scooter for 5-8 year olds:

  • Recommended ages:  5+
  • Weight limit:  143lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This scooter is the sturdier version of the A Razor scooter. It’s a little pricer, but has more features. It boasts larger wheels, a shock-system (for a smoother ride) and a wheelie bar. It’s still lightweight enough to be a great option for younger riders, but will likely hold up better as they grow.
  • What you need to know: There are a few different scooters in the “A line” by Razor. This one is the highest-end one in that series, and reviewers say they’re happy with what you get for your money.



Best scooter for toddlers & preschoolers

  • Recommended ages:  3-6 years old
  • Weight limit: 110 lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This scooter hits all of the qualities that a toddler needs in a scooter. It has three wheels for easy balance, lean-to-steer capability, and it folds so it’s easy to throw it in the trunk and bring with you anywhere (and your kiddo will love it so much, you probably bring it with you everywhere!). I have a comprehensive post on toddler scooters– click here to check it out.
  • What you need to know: This scooter doesn’t “fold” per say– it has a button on the front that you push to detach the handle bar portion from the body. Then, you turn it around and collapse it manually. This is one of the only toddler models on the market that is collapsible at all– and therefore, a front-runner in my opinion. Sometimes, the button gets a bit jammed.



Best for moving new muscles

  • Recommended ages:  5+
  • Weight limit: 110lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This “flicker” scooter is a fun twist on the standard scooter. It is propelled forward when kids “flick” or “wiggle” their bodies from side to side (as opposed to kicking the pavement).
  • What you need to know: This scooter uses a handbrake on the handlebars, instead of a fender brake like traditional scooters do.



Magic Mom Hack

Not sure how many wheels your child’s scooter should have?

Toddlers and preschoolers benefit from 3 wheels– it helps them balance.

Check out my comprehensive post on toddler scooters here.

Children ages 5 and up can balance fairly easily on 2 wheels (though some models for this age group have 3 wheels as a stylistic choice).

  • Recommended ages:  5+
  • Weight limit: 176lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This scooter has all of the basic features that you need in a scooter- it’s portable, has an adjustable handlebar, and LED wheels. It has a higher weight limit than other scooters made for the 5+ age group. This can make it a great option if you’d like it to be shared with older siblings or even you!
  • What you need to know: The handlebar is adjustable to three different heights– but the top height doesn’t go up high enough that all adults will be able to ride comfortably.



Best scooters for kids 8 and up

Think scooters are just for little kids? Think again. There are some incredible “kid-powered” scooters on the market that can allow older children to get some exercise and have fun. These models below are sturdier, have higher upper weight limits, and larger wheels than their counterparts. Bonus? These can also be used by adults! We got one for my husband to keep up with our kiddo when we were out scootering around.

  • Recommended ages:  8+
  • Weight limit: 220lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This scooter is great for older kids! The smaller scooters have lower weight limits, but this one can be safely used through 220 lbs. In fact, this is the model that we bought for my husband to ride along with my son! It has larger wheels than other Razor models, giving it a smooth ride. It also has handlebars that can be adjusted as your child grows.
  • What you need to know: It’s a bit heavier than other models because of it’s size. This is best for older children.



Best scooter for older kids (or commuting adults!):

  • Recommended ages:  8+
  • Weight limit: 220lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This scooter is sturdy and perfect for commuters. It has a strap that attaches to it that you can use to carry it on the bus or train, or to class.
  • What you need to know: This scooter can be used for many years…and also by adults!



Best for longer rides

  • Recommended ages:  12+
  • Weight limit: 200lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This cool device is scooter-meets-bike. It actually uses standard a standard bike tire in the front! This different design is great for longer rides, and could be the perfect unique scooter for a teen who wants to stand out.
  • What you need to know: This scooter needs the maintenance of a bike– it’s tires use air and it has brake lines, which are operated using a handbrake on the handlebar.



Best motorized scooters for kids

Motorized scooters can be a lot of fun for older children!

There are a few things to note about motorized scooters for kids:

  • They require assembly.
  • They need to be charged, and the charging instructions need to be followed carefully as to not damage the battery.
  • They take a long time to charge before they can be used for the first time.
  • Children need close adult supervision and additional safety equipment when riding motorized scooters to keep them safer, because they reach pretty high speeds. Each scooter should come with specific instructions, but generally this includes helmets, safety pads, and close-toed shoes.
  • These are generally made for use on smooth surfaces (not unpaved roads).


Knowing these things ahead of time may save you lots of frustration that were common themes of the negative reviews for motorized scooters.

All that being said, they can be great fun and allow kids to make wonderful memories!

Best motorized scooter:

  • Recommended ages:  8-14 years old (riders 4.3″ – 5.3″)
  • Weight limit:  132 lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This motorized scooter has more features than many others on the market (see full list below). This includes a long list of safety features, including a speed-limiter and two kinds of brakes! It’s sturdy and available at a much lower price than many other electric scooters.
  • What you need to know: This is only rated for riders who are between 4.3″ and 5.3″ in height.



Best for riding in style:

  • Recommended ages:  12+
  • Weight limit: 170lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This scooter is stylish and pretty speedy, reaching speeds up to 15 miles per hour! It’s got a seat for a comfortable ride.
  • What you need to know: This model comes in many different colors, and the price varies widely depending on what color scheme you choose. For a full list of options, check out this link here.



Best hybrid scooter (kick-powered & electric)

  • Recommended ages:  6-12 years old
  • Weight limit: 154lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This scooter is the best of both worlds! It can work as a motorized scooter OR a kick scooter. This is a great option for younger children who are interested in trying motorized scooters. Plus, it doesn’t have external cables and uses rubber tires, so it’s low maintenance for parents, too.
  • What you need to know: It’s battery only lasts for 4 miles, which can run out quickly when kids are playing. But unlike other scooters, this one can just be kick-powered once the battery runs out, so the fun doesn’t stop.



  • Recommended ages:  8+
  • Weight limit: 120 lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: There are many Razor scooters on the market, and many of them have mixed reviews. As of today, this one is the best-reviewed one I could find. It has been upgraded to fix many of the small problems found in other models, and it’s well-loved by reviewers. It’s sturdy, quick, and low-maintenance.
  • What you need to know: This scooter is a “kick-starter,” meaning that kids kick on the ground to get it started (there’s no throttle).



Best motorized scooter with a basket

  • Recommended ages:  16+
  • Weight limit:  220lbs
  • Why it’s wonderful: This classic looking scooter is a great options for kids going to and from school. It has a basket in the back that they can use to carry some of their belongings, and can clock in at 18 MPH. Reviewers note that this is a blast to drive.
  • What you need to know: This scooter takes 12 hours to charge, and weighs in at 80 lbs.



Benefits of scootering for kids

Using a scooter has many benefits for children of all ages (and adults, too!). It promotes:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Confidence

It can be a wonderful, fun way to get kids engaged in physical exercise at an early age, and actually engages riders’ whole bodies, including back, neck, chest, and stomach muscles.

Motorized scooters don’t have the same level of physical benefits for riders, but they do allow older children to get from one place to another faster, offering them a sense of independence before they are ready to drive a car, for an example. They are becoming popular options for riding to and from school. Further, they do encourage children to get outside and soak up that wonderful vitamin D.

What to look for to find the best scooter for your child

Below, find the criteria that I flagged when curating this list of scooters.

Some of these will be more important to you than others– you don’t need to find one that checks all of the boxes– just the boxes that you need for your family!


Do you need a scooter that folds up for storage or transport? There are many collapsible ones on the market.

Adjustable handlebar

This lends itself to the long-term usability of the scooter. When you find one with an adjustable handlebar, your child can use it as they grow, and/or they can easily be shared between siblings.


The weight of scooters varies widely. Some weigh less than 10 lbs, while some of the motorized ones weigh over 80 lbs. Lighter tends to mean faster and more agile (though motors do affect that). The weight of them can impact the ease with which it can be moved from place to place. If you live in an apartment on a second story, lighter will probably be your winner. But if you've got a garage that you can pull a scooter right into, a heavier motorized one may be a good option for you.

Safety gear for kids who are scootering

As with any equipment, it’s important for children to wear the following when they are operating a scooter:

According to the National Safety Council, “A bike helmet is a cyclist’s best line of defense, reducing risk of head injury by more than 50%. For severe head injuries, the protective benefit is even higher.” It can be challenging to get a child to agree to wear a helmet– but it’s worth it. Further, it’s crucial that the helmets are strapped and fitted correctly to help prevent injury and even death. Luckily, there are a lot of cool designs on helmets these days!

Helmets can be tricky to buy online, because you can’t try them on your child’s head. Check out the sizing guides, which will tell you to measure the circumference of your child’s head, before ordering to make sure you end up with the right size.

I didn’t do a comprehensive review of helmets here, but my two cents would be to buy one from a well-known company that you know uses rigorous safety testing. Bell and Schwinn are among two of the most popular brands.

Close-toed shoes with strong straps can help protect your child’s feet as they are zooming around. Plus, in my experience, kids use their shoes to brake or slow down, so solid shoes will help with that, too!

On the flip side, wearing open-toed and/or flimsy shoes increases your child’s risk of injury.

For younger children, my go-to brands for toddler shoes were Pediped and Momo Baby

If your child is using a motorized scooter, they’ll also need safety pads to cover their elbows and knees. This will protect their extremities in the event of a wipe-out, which is especially important as they are riding at pretty high speeds. See operating instructions for specific guidelines and more safety information.

Safety Gear

Time to scooter!

Riding scooters can be a wonderful opportunity for kids to get outside– and it can also be the perfect family activity! Grab the right scooter for everyone’s taste, and create those memories.

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