Does Overtone Work? A Comprehensive Review

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Overtone Conditioner seemed like a dream come true– but was it too good to be true? What I really wanted to know before I got started was simple: does Overtone work? Would I really be able to color my hair at home using my conditioner? I decided to try it out. Fast forward 8 months and 5 hair colors later, it’s safe to say that I am a huge fan of Overtone hair color. Here’s my un-sponsored, honest Overtone Conditioner Review.

Table of Contents

How can I change my hair color at home?

I use Overtone conditioner. Overtone is a color-depositing conditioner that you can apply from the comfort of your own home. They have two lines or products– one for more “natural colors” and one for “fantasy colors” (see more below!). I’ve used box hair dye before, and it really dried out my hair. Plus, when I picked a color that wasn’t right for me (hello red), it stayed in for a long time. With Overtone, I didn’t have either of those problems.

overtone diy pastel magenta
I used Pastel Magenta conditioner on top of my blonde balayage for this look!

Does Overtone work?

YUP. It does. As their website also explains, the success of the actual deposit of the color depends a lot on the condition of your hair, the color of your hair before you apply the conditioner, and how long you leave it in for. Here are my takeaways: 

If you apply it to dry hair, the color gets deposited more.

If you keep it on for longer than recommended, it doesn’t damage your hair and you get more color deposited. Now, I haven’t done a scientific test and put my hair under a microscope or anything, but my anecdotal experience has demonstrated to me that you can leave this stuff on for an hour to an hour and a half and it doesn’t hurt your hair.

The lighter your hair is before you start, the better the color shows up. I used rose gold for brunettes and purple for brunettes on highlighted hair, and it showed up especially well on the bleached portions of my hair. For the portion of my hair that was still it’s natural brunette, it was noticeable in the sun, but not really indoors. I bleached all of my (dark) brunette hair before trying other colors, and the difference was incredible. 

This was my starting hair color before magenta and orange Overtone-- blonde balayage on top of my very dark brunette roots.

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Can I really apply Overtone hair color by myself at home?

Yes. You don’t need to have a professional apply this for you. It really is as easy as applying conditioner– you just have to make sure you apply it evenly. My husband was helping me apply the Coloring Conditioner when I first started using this product because I was worried I couldn’t do it myself. But honestly I got tired of using our precious after-my-son-was-asleep time to do my hair, so I started doing it myself. It’s totally doable. Sure, sometimes I miss a spot in the back and I have to go back and apply more next time I wash my hair. But, I use a mirror to look at the back of my hair as I go and it usually goes fine. 

What Overtone hair colors have you tried?

Rose gold, purple for brunettes, pastel magenta, vibrant magenta, vibrant orange

Purple for Brunettes showed up really well on my light brown highlights.

Do I need gloves when applying Overtone hair color?

It depends on what color you are working with. I found that with the pastel and vibrant colors, the color didn’t stay on my hands for long. The Purple for Brunettes (and all of the “for Brunettes” line) have double the pigment than the rest of the line. For anything in the “for brunettes” line, I do recommend gloves. My ears and neck also got a bit purple one time when I had some splash over. But, even when my hands got stained, it wore off in less than a day. So, it wouldn’t be a great idea to use Overtone without gloves the day before a job interview, but if it’s a Saturday and you’ve got no where to go (or you’re social distancing and gloves are hard to find), I did fine without it.

That being said you should absolutely remove your jewelry before applying Overtone. It will undoubtedly stain items such as string necklaces, and I would guess other pieces as well. I haven’t had it happen to me yet but…better safe than sorry here.

What else do I need to use Overtone hair color?

When the Coloring conditioner is sitting on my hair, I like to throw a shower cap on so I can go about my business while it sits on my hair without splashing. You can use a reusable one and just rinse it off between sessions, or you can get a huge pack of disposable ones.

When I rinse my hair out, the color does leave a tint in my bathroom tub. It did, however, come off when I would use Clorox Bleach spray no problem. I recommend having a bottle of this handy before you start in case you have the same issue. Check the label, though, and see if it is compatible with whatever material is in your tub or shower.

You set also comes with SOS sponges that you can use in your home. You don’t need them to clean up after coloring your hair.

How long does Overtone hair color last?

The official word on their website is…. “It depends.” As they explain, (and with any hair product), the condition and color of your hair will have a big impact on how long it lasts. In my experience, the color of the conditioner I was using also affected how long it would last. 

My general rule of thumb for my hair is: 

  • Coloring Conditioner about once every 5-7 washes or so
  • Daily Conditioner every time I wash my hair
Vibrant magenta hair was so much fun!

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I use co-wash once or twice a week, instead of shampoo. It’s more gentle on my hair and helps my coloring conditioner last longer.

Do I need to buy both the Overtone Daily Conditioner and the Coloring Conditioner?

If you’d like to actually maintain the color of your hair, then yes. The Coloring Conditioner is stronger, so obviously it applies more color to your hair. But, it takes longer to apply because you need to focus on applying it more evenly (since it is stronger) and you have to leave it on longer. Once your base is solid (and application really is pretty straightforward), you can use the Daily Conditioner as you do your regular conditioner– just throw it on in the shower after you’ve shampooed, leave it in for 3-5 minutes, and rinse. I have found that is sufficient to maintain your color pretty well.

One time, I ran out of the Coloring Conditioner before my next shipment arrived. I was attending a wedding and wanted my hair to really look its best. So, I applied the Daily Conditioner on my dry hair and left it on for 30 or 45 minutes before rinsing it out. It didn’t deposit as much color as the Coloring Conditioner, but it did a pretty good job. So, in a pinch Daily Conditioner can do the trick to refresh your color. 

My vibrant orange hair is faded here, after 5 washes with no Daily Conditioner.

The world is my canvas and I create my reality.


What about the Remedy Deep Conditoner? Is that worth it?

So much yes. The Remedy is Overtone’s deep conditioner. It doesn’t apply any color to your hair– it just conditions it. It’s the best deep conditioner I have ever used, and I have tried a lot. I bleached my hair to get it to the level of blonde that I wanted to try out these colors, and it of course impacted the health of my hair. The Remedy helps moisturize my hair extremely well when I need it most. 

Keracolor vs. Overtone: What’s the difference?

I tried the pastel pink Keracolor when I was waiting for my Overtone shipment to come in. I could find it on Amazon and I wanted to get my hair colored before an event I was going to, so I decided to give it a try. 

I left it on for triple the recommended time, and it honestly didn’t add very much pigmentation to my hair. To be fair, the instructions on the Keracolor bottle did say that it works best on platinum hair. But, Overtone says that too, and the Pastel Pink Overtone that came a few days later turned my hair a wonderful shade of pink. 

Results with Keracolor could be different depending on what color you tried, but overall I wasn’t impressed with their light pink. Now I make sure I order enough Overtone in advance so I don’t run out and find myself in a pickle.

Does Overtone have any natural hair colors?

YES! They recently launched their line of natural hair colors in brunette, black, and ginger. I haven’t tried these yet because I’m still trying out different fantasy colors, but I trust their product and am sure it could work as a great alternative to box hair colors, which are so harsh on your hair. 

Can I switch between hair colors?

Yes. You can. As their website explains, you just need to do it thoughtfully and follow the color wheel. So far, I went from pastel magenta to vibrant magenta to vibrant orange. 

Next stop– red and orange ombre. Stay tuned. 

orange hair overtone diy
I made my hair Vibrant Orange from the comfort of my own bathroom!

In short, I really love this stuff. I have always wanted to try different hair colors, and Overtone has made that completely possible. When I had pink put in my hair at the salon, it only lasted a few washes. That’s just the nature of the products. But, I was so disappointed. And it was so expensive! Now I can change my hair color on a whim, and I’m not afraid to try a new color because I know I’ll be able to fade it out safely and change to another one if I need to. Life’s too short to NOT have the hair you want. 

My 14-year old self would be so stoked to know that my hair dreams have all come true. 

Ready to get started? Click on the button above or follow this link… it will get you $10 off your first order of $30 or more!

Happy hair coloring you hair genius you.

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