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My son saw me with makeup on for the first time in a while today and said, “wow you look like a different person!”


My son was convinced that the chihuahua on our street was a cat. We’d spoken about it a few times, and then late last week we walked by the house where the dog lives and he confidently said, “There’s the cat-dog. Because sometimes, dogs look like cats.”


I was on my maternity leave, and I came back in so my students could meet my baby. When it was time for my students to go to their next class, I asked them to line up. Then, I overheard this conversation between my student and the sub: First grader: When our teacher asks us to do something, we do it. Substitute teacher: How do you think that makes me… Read More »1592510772


Today, we went through the drive thru post office to mail a package. On our way out, I told my son “thanks for coming with me!” He responded, “Oh, so I could have stayed home by myself?” …He’s 3.