Potty training essentials: for home and on-the-go

potty training essentials
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We are in the thick of potty training these days. We opted for the “no-training” potty training method– showed our son the logistics of it and then waited until he told us he was ready to begin. For us, that’s worked really well. Though, I’m sure it’s different for everyone. No matter what method or tactic you take for potty training, these potty training essentials can help make your journey just a little bit easier (read: cleaner and more enjoyable all around).

Table of Contents

Potty training essentials for home

These potty training essentials can help support your child (and you!) as they are learning to use the potty. I recommend also getting some of these items for places you’ll be often, such as the grandparent’s house if they live nearby.

We have one tiny bathroom in our home, so my Big Plan was for my son to use a seat attached to our seat (see below). How wrong I was. He was much more comfortable on this, because he could use it himself without having to climb up on the stool with his pants around his ankles.

I first opted for a cute, race car one, but he wouldn’t use it. Later, when he was older, he told me that it was uncomfortable. So, I highly recommend one like this, that is comfortable and shaped like their body.

  • Features: Removable lid, removable seat/basin, ergonomic seat, anti-splash feature (in the front), easy to clean.
  • Why this will make your life easier: This is child-sized, so your child can use this on their own without needing your help.
  • Things to note: This is available with and without a lid. I highly recommend purchasing the one with a lid!

Magic Mom Hack

Have a two-story house? I recommend getting two potties. If you only have the bathroom on one level, one of these can be discreetly placed in a private corner, so you (and your child) don’t have to run up and down the stairs to use the bathroom. At first, they don’t have much of a lead time from when they realize they need to go until they are actually going.

This toilet seat can replace your current one! It is a two-in-one seat– the regular adult seat works just like the one you already have, but this one has a child-sized seat that can be flipped down. It is held on with a magnet, so it stores in the lid when not in use. It’s easy for kids (and adults) to operate, and can be a space saver in your bathroom.

  • Features: Child sized and adult sized toilet seat in one, magnet latch for easy use.
  • Why this will make your life easier: This is a great space saver, and it seamlessly integrates into your bathroom.
  • Things to note: This is available in two sizes- standard and elongated. Check which kind of toilet seat you need before ordering! They aren’t interchangeable. Also, this toiled is attached with non-standard hinges. The plastic piece that attaches it is known to break on this model. If that happens to you, you can use wing nuts to reattach it.
  • Do I need this and the portable toilet? Honestly, you don’t need this until later in the potty-going game. This requires a stool to use, and that can be tricky for a young child to coordinate. Once they’re ready to ditch the low potty, this is a great upgrade.

These stools are wonderful for many things– getting onto the large-size potty when they’re ready, hand washing in the bathroom, and even helping in the kitchen. This one is has two steps, so it is perfect for little legs. We keep one in our kitchen, too, and I use it to reach our top shelves.

  • Features: Anti-slip grip on both steps, anti-slip grip on bottom, handles on side, light-weight, can hold up to 175 lbs, easy to clean, lifetime guarantee.
  • Why this will make your life easier: With this, you won’t have to lift your child up to the toilet or to the sink– they’ll be able to do it on their own. This stool is lightweight enough that they can use it independently.
  • Things to note: This is a two-pack, but they also have a one pack here.

These are like underwear, but they have padding in the bottom. They are great for kids who are still learning bladder control– if they leak, they will still feel wet and know it is time to change (unlike with a diaper), but their urine won’t leak out everywhere. These are a great option when it is time to go for a drive in those early potty training days.

  • Features: 100% cotton with polyester lining, 6 absorbent layers, elastic waistband (they pull up like underwear), machine washable and dryable.
  • Why this will make your life easier: These can give you more confidence in venturing out of the house when potty training. If your child has a small accident in these, their clothes won’t get wet in the same way they will in standard undies.
  • Things to note: These won’t hold a ton of urine– they’re for little accidents, not night time use. Also, they run 1-2 sizes small.

This is the best brand of kid’s underwear that we have come across (and we tried a lot of them!)

As it turns out, underwear can be marked as “tagless” and still have a tag in it. Makes no sense, right? These are actually tagless and extremely soft and comfortable. These are pricey, but I found that my son didn’t mind wearing these (and heavily protested the other kinds). Every child is different, but these were a game-changer for us. They have a variety of styles. Check out all of their options here.

  • Features: 100% cotton, tagless, machine washable and dryable.
  • Why this will make your life easier: Wearing comfortable underwear can decrease struggles during potty training. Of course they don’t want to wear something that’s riding up their backside or scratching their back! These are extremely soft and come in a variety of styles.
  • Things to note: When starting potty training, size up for underwear! This will make it easier for your child to pull them up and down on their own.

I highly recommend throwing one of these under your toddler potty. That way, if (when) they miss, it gets absorbed here.

  • Features: Machine washable and dryable, anti-slip backing.
  • Why this will make your life easier: This will catch any “misses.”
  • Things to note: You may want to have two of these for the early days, so you have a back up when one is wet/dirty.

Potty training essentials for on-the-go

This potty is foldable! You can keep one in your trunk (get one for each car!) and you can pull it out when you either (a) can’t find a bathroom (b) want to avoid a public restroom (c) need to convert an adult-sized toilet seat into a child-sized seat. To do that, you simply fold the legs out and place it right on top of the adult seat. Viola! A child-sized potty seat.

This 2-in-1 set comes with a foldable silicone liner. This liner is easy to clean. Some people use disposable liners (see below), but this silicone option can save you money long term and avoid the hassle of bags. Plus, it will prevent the urine and/or poop from flowing everywhere.

  • Features: collapsible toilet seat, 3 disposable liners (to sample), silicone liner that is collapsible, holds up to 50 lbs, can be used standing or with the legs folded and placed on top of adult size seat.
  • Why this will make your life easier: Turn any place into a bathroom, instantly!
  • Things to note: You can also purchase this potty without the silicone liner here. If you’d like to use this in your home, you can purchase a hard liner here.

These bags can be easily popped on to the top of Potette Plus potty seats to catch pee and poop!

  • Features: Includes “disappearing ink” at the bottom, so you know when your child has peed (and when they haven’t, so you can use it again). Fits perfectly on the Poitette Plus potty seat, super absorbent (holds up to 5oz), leak-proof up to 5oz, fragranced.
  • Why this will make your life easier: Sometimes, you won’t want to clean out the silicone liner– or you won’t have it. You can use plastic bags instead of these official bags– but that can get dicey (read: messy if the bag moves and your child misses). These can help keep the potty-out-of-the-house experience cleaner.

We opted for these instead of carrying toilet paper on-the-go. These are compact and extremely portable.

  • Features: Soft and absorbent. 9 tissues per individual pack.
  • Why this will make your life easier: Toilet paper is annoying to carry– the rolls get squished, they are huge, and when not attached to a toilet-paper holder, they roll away easily. 
  • Things to note: There aren’t many tissues in each pack. I recommend packing 2 or 3 at a time.

You can throw wipes in here and use them on-the-go for bottom wiping. Wipes won’t leak or dry out like they will in disposable wipe containers.

  • Features: Can be opened with one hand, has a strap to attach to diaper bag, slim design.
  • Why this will make your life easier: Wipes won’t dry out or leak in your bag, and you can just throw additional wipes in when you run out (no need to buy expensive travel packs).
  • Things to note: You can skip this, and bring a standard roll of toilet paper instead.
  • Features: Can use with any hand sanitizer you like! Leak proof. Includes funnel for loading them up, and silicone covers. BPA-free. FSA-friendly. Includes 4 colors, so you can color code what’s inside.
  • Why this will make your life easier: Bring any kind of soap or sanitizer that you want for easier clean up on-the-g0!.
  • Things to note: These come empty. You need to load them with hand sanitizer yourself.

Sometimes, you just need to wipe your potty down after you put it over a public bathroom toilet seat…

  • Features: Cleans 99% of germs. Small pack is easy to carry along.
  • Why this will make your life easier: On-the-go, these can help you clean up your portable potty quickly.
  • Things to note: These aren’t to be used on skin. See packaging for safety info.

Accidents happen. When they do, you can throw wet clothes (or shoes) in these for transport home.

  • Features: Two zipper pouches– you can put clean clothes in one and wet in the other. Snap handle makes it easy to attach to diaper bag or purse. Holds in liquids and smells.
  • Why this will make your life easier: These help make transporting wet, dirty clothes easier.
  • Things to note: These are machine washable, but hang dry. Wet/dry bags eventually break down. When we started potty training, we replaced the ones we have from infancy because they started to leak.

Throw this bad-boy in the bottom of your car seat or stroller. It absorbs accidents! It is a near universal fit, and can save you from needing to wash your car seat cover in the event of an accident.

  • Features: Manufacturer states that this has been crash tested for safety, water-proof, machine washable, 360 degree protection from leaks.
  • Why this will make your life easier: If your child has an accident on this, you can just pull it out and throw it in the washing machine. Let’s be real– none of us have time to uninstall the carseat, strip the cover off, wash the cover, put the cover back on the car seat, and re-install the car seat in the car.
  • Things to note: These are machine washable, but hang dry. The manufacturer boasts that is is universal. Based on reviews, it seems to be mostly universal but there are exceptions.

Wonderful books about potty training

Check out these kid-friendly books about going to the potty. These can be a great way to introduce the subject to your child, and explain to them how the whole thing works. There really is a lot to it!

Ditching diapers is a big step! It can take time– and that’s okay! It is a great opportunity to talk to your toddler or preschooler about how to tune into their bodies and take care of themselves.

Good luck! And… let the poop jokes begin.

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