The rain gear for kids you need for Puddle Jumping

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Some of my favorite childhood memories happened while I was playing in the rain. While often seen as “bad weather,” I was determined to re-brand rainy days for my son. Rain is part of life, is it not, and we can have fun no matter what’s coming down around us. This rain gear for kids can become staples throughout those wet months. They can make outdoor play possible and fun!

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You'll be ready for puddle jumping adventures in no time with this gear...

Rain suit.

My son has played (stomped, run, jumped) through the rain in his Tuffo suit for three or four hours and stayed completely dry. The Tuffo one isn’t insulated, but it’s generously sized so you can put on the appropriate warm clothing underneath. Jan & Jul also has a great one that is fleece-lined for colder climates.

Rain boots.

I pull the rain suit over the boots and viola- feet say dry. I pair these with wool socks— that way,  even if they get wet, toes will stay warm.

Stroller cover.

This bad boy boasts that it can fit over any single stroller. I didn’t try it over every stroller, but it certainly fit over my large toddler-sized one no problem. It has velcro straps to keep it in place and comes with a nice bag for storage. 

This cover has made it possible for me to walk our dog on rainy mornings without needing to get my son all dressed up in his rain gear. I just throw my dog in her raincoat, put this over the stroller and we’re ready to go.

Bath mat for front door.

I throw two bath mats by the front door before we go out on rainy days. That way, when we get home, I can just put all of the wet stuff right on there when we get back. It makes my rain-clean up much faster. This one is known for its non-slip capabilities, and can be machine washed AND dried.

Parent rain boots & wool socks

I thought that I could do without rain boots myself, but I finally broke down and bought them this past winter. I’m so glad I did! Now I am able to fully embrace Puddle Jumping myself, and we are both thrilled for rainy days. These aren’t insulated so can be paired with wool socks if you live somewhere colder.  

I’m still pleasantly surprised every time we use this rain gear and my kid is dry after STOMPING and jumping in a foot of water. I hope this rain gear for your kids inspires lots of puddle jumping adventures for your family!

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