The Ring Sling: Everything you need to know

ring sling for baby

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Many parents find proudly call their ring sling their favorite carrier. These cool contraptions help many parents go hands-free, comfort their babies, and promote overall bonding. Find out how they can help you find your magic.

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What is a ring sling?

A long piece of specially cut fabric that is looped through two attached rings.

mom wearing toddler in ring sling
Your ring sling could make you feel like a Mom Boss! They're known for being easy to use and perfect for tossing in the diaper bag.

I, for whatever reason, was never quite comfortable in a ring sling. My preferred carry was a traditional sling carry in a size two baby wrap (which ends up being very similar to a ring sling front carry). Regardless, many baby-wearers rave about these and use them often, especially during the newborn phase.

Ring sling pro/con



How can I learn how to use a ring sling?

Many cities have local Facebook groups that do meet-ups and have local lending libraries. At meet ups, local baby wearing super stars will help you learn how to wear your baby. There are also amazing resources on YouTube. Wrapping Rachel and Wrap You in Love have great places to get started.

Where can I buy a ring sling?

While these are are rising in popularity, they are still hard to find in stores. As of today, Amazon has a beautiful and well-loved  Nalakai ring sling available in multiple colors, though in my experience their inventory changes frequently. The most important thing to remember when shopping for a ring sling is to think of it as an investment— it is worth it to buy from quality brand such as Soul Slings, WildBird, or Yaro.

If you can’t find exactly the one you’d like on Amazon, Little Zen Zone and WildBird are also both well-known shops where you can find quality ring slings.

Mom Hack

You can wrap the long tail aroundthe sling rings if you don’t want it hanging down.

For many, ring slings are considered newborn necessities.

If you’re nervous about investing in one before you try it out, reach out on Facebook to see if anyone you know has one that you can borrow! You may be surprised how many moms you know love ring slings.

baby wearing
Baby wearing promotes bonding with parents and caregivers.

Embrace your magic, mama.

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  1. I loved my Wildbird sling so much; it made transitioning from 2 to 3 children SO MUCH easier. Great article, Quinn!

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