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toddler sleep sack

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Even though experts believe that it’s safe for children to have blankets in their cribs after around 12 months of age, I never had much luck with them. My son couldn’t keep his blanket on him when he was 1, and this left him chilly during the night. So, he’d wake up more often. I can’t blame him– I sleep better with a blanket on me, too. This led me to find toddler sleep sacks.

See– this is totally common, and there many companies have modified sleep sacks to accommodate toddlers. These have been a life-saver for me.

Here are my favorite toddler sleep sacks to date.

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Best toddler sleep sacks for new walkers

In the early toddler days, your kiddo will likely be fine in a larger size sleep sack from their baby days.

Even once he was in the early stages of walking, his "sleeping bag" style sleep sack still did the trick. Once he was a bit more mobile we switched to the one with holes for his feet.

Large and XL sizes for children around 20-30lbs. I’ve found that these run smaller than the HALO size chart claims, but regardless, this style still worked for us after my son turned one.

Zips from the bottom. This helps for middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

Short sleeve. Sleeveless design to prevent babies from overheating.

Perfect for warm weather. Muslin cloth is incredibly lightweight and breathable. This sleep sack has all of the benefits of the HALO brand and also the added benefit of being great in warm weather.

Best toddler sleep sacks for active walkers

Once my son was a proficient walker, we transitioned him into these sleep sacks with holes for his feet.

Perfect once kiddos start walking through 2T. The feet holes on the bottom of this one make it possible for children to use it, even if they are walking.

Cotton and fleece options available. Regardless of the climate or temperature, this was our go-to.

Perfect for older kids who are kicking off the covers. Sizes 2T-5T.

Polyester and fleece options available. Some reviewers shared that their children found polyester uncomfortable. It didn’t bother my son, though, and I am grateful to have a summer option.

Multiple designs available. When my son was little, I could get whatever color/pattern I wanted to. Now that he’s older, I’m happy that HALO has a few designs of each style, so I can find something my son is sure to like, himself.

I’m grateful I found sleep sacks when my son was born. After all, better sleep leads to happier mama.

Cheers, to better sleep for all!

(Got a baby? Check out my my comprehensive post on baby sleep sacks here).

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