Toddler Wearing: For all the snuggles!

toddler wearing

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I began babywearing when my son was a newborn, and never looked back. He’s now weeks away from turning three, and we are using our toddler carrier regularly. It makes my son feel safe and loved. It allows me to soak up lots of snuggles. We can chat while he’s in there (as opposed to a stroller), and it helps me keep him safe when we’re at an amusement or large event. It’s easy to think that babywearing is just for babies, but it is possible to transition into toddler wearing, if you’d like to. Here is everything you didn’t know you need to know about toddlerwearing.

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What are the benefits of toddler wearing?

The list of benefits is long– it promotes bonding, can help kids regulate their emotions by making them feel safe and secure, and can help you go hands-free. These benefits don’t evaporate as children get older– they remain!

Holding a older child does put more strain on your back. A toddler carrier helps give you back and shoulder support.

Comfort. Carrying an older child gives them comfort because they are close to you, which they always need, regardless of their age or size. Sometimes, when we’re lucky, they still want to snuggle and be wrapped up in our love.

Convenience. Baby wearing is just easier than having a child walk sometimes, or pushing them in the stroller. When we walk my dog, sometimes I don’t want to go through the whole ordeal of getting socks and shoes on and then I can throw him in the carrier in seconds and we can be out the door. Now that my son is talking, it is so fun to be able to talk to him while we walk together. When he’s in the stroller, he’s so far away and we can’t really hear each other. Plus, it is much more convenient than lugging around a bulky stroller

Safety. These can be a lifesaver in an airport, busy train station, amusement park, or even grocery store. The peace of mind of knowing that your child is right next to you and isn’t going anywhere, that is priceless– and is the reason I will baby wear as long as I can.

toddler wearing
This Beco carrier is perfect when we're out all day. Here, we were at an amusement park. When it was nap time, we were in line to get on the tour bus. He was able to sleep soundly with me for almost an hour, and I had no problem waiting in line or loading on the bus.

If you’d like to learn more about babywearing younger children (from newborns through 30 pounds or so), specifics about each type of carrier, or what carrier-accessories there are, check out my comprehensive babywearing post here.

Let them be little, cause they're only that way for a while.

Billy Dean

What kind of carrier can I use for toddler wearing?

Woven wraps and soft structured carriers are both great for wearing toddlers.

Woven wraps have a higher learning curve, but are very adjustable.

Soft structured carriers are easy to use and come with pockets for your (mom) stuff.

My Tula and Ergo carriers stated they were safe to use until 45 pounds, but my son didn’t quite fit right as he got bigger.

I purchased a Beco carrier when my son was around 30 pounds. It has TWO incredible pockets (one for your phone and one big enough to hold your wallet and snacks). Plus, you can convert the straps to be an X, which makes it more comfortable for longer wears. Beco tends to be the most affordable high-quality toddler carrier, because for some reason they have the most sales. Tula also has beautiful toddler carriers, and they’re a very reputable brand.

You can also use woven wraps to carry children through preschool years. You need to learn which wraps work best for older children, and will need a longer wrap, but people definitely do it and love it!

toddler wearing
Look mom, no hands! I often use my Beco carrier when I need to take our dog out for a quick potty break. I love not having to worry about his shoes or the stroller.
Check out these Toddler Carriers

Toddlerwearing has been so wonderful for my family.

As my son gets older, I get funny comments when I carry him in a carrier sometimes– “he’s almost as big as you!” people like to say. But, really, he’s not. And I will carry him as long as he needs me to. This season will be short– where he is small and I can hold him at all. I don’t want to rush us through it– it’s precious and fleeting, and I cherish it.

Live in the moment .

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